Madison Academy School Team

Elementary Office

Lisa Willey -  Office Manager

High School Office

Jere Sims - Office Manager


Christel Drew - High School Principal

Kris Kordyzon - Assistant Principal

Mikayla Porter - Community and Student Engagement Coordinator

Tricia Osborne - Elementary/Middle School Principal

Alicia Alexander - Elementary/Middle School Behavioral Interventionist

Joddi Mills - Virtual Academy Principal

Renee Krueger - Special Education Coordinator

Joseph Brewer | Athletic Director

Omar Dasuqi | Athletic Director High School

Yvonne Royster - Lunch Program Supervisor

Laly Leaym - Transportation Supervisor

Board of Directors

  • Rigel Dawson - President - Email
  • Kaila Breedlove - Vice President -Email
  • Robert Scherman - Treasurer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Lutullus Penton - Secretary - Email
  • Matthew Cherry - Member - Email


Board Policies

FOIA Policy

Proof of Insurance

Lease/Rental Agreements

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Services Contracts

Boiler and Fire Safety Certificates