Madison Academy

School Board Resolution

WHEREAS, Section 22f of the State School Aid Act provides $50 per pupil one-time grants to districts that satisfy at least 7 of 9 best practices criteria not later than June 1, 2015 [MCL 388.1622f].

WHEREAS, the board of education of MADISON ACADEMY desires to receive the $50 per pupil incentive payment.

WHEREAS, the MADISON ACADEMY has satisfied at least 7 of 9 best practices criteria.

WHEREAS, eligibility for the incentive payment is contingent upon adopting a resolution that states the district has complied with the following 7 of 9 best practice criteria.

Now, therefore, be it resolved as follows:

1. The board of education of MADISON ACADEMY certifies that the district has complied with the following requirements:
[LIST only the Best Practice requirements the district has met. STRIKE THROUGH OR REMOVE requirements the district has not met]

a) The district is the designated policy holder for medical benefit plans(s) pursuant to Section 22f(1)(a).
b) The district has obtained a competitive bid on non-instructional services pursuant to Section 22 f(1)(b)
c) The district accepts applications for enrollment  by non-resident applicants under Section 105 or 105C [MCL 388.1705] pursuant to Section 22f(1)(c). A Public School Academy is considered to have met this requirement.
d) The district offers online courses or blended learning opportunities to all eligible pupils, and publish course syllabi pursuant to Section 22f(1)(d).
e) The district provides a link on the district's home page to the URL for the MiSchoolData Portal which will contain the required dashboard indicators pursuant to Section 22f(1)(e). If certain data elements for our district are unavailable from state data collections, we agree to provide those data in the form and manner determined by MDE.
f) The district includes Teacher and Administrator job performance as a significant factor in compensation determination.
g) The district's collective bargaining agreements do not include provisions contrary to prohibited subjects as outlined in section 15(3) or 1947 PA 336, MCL 423.215.
h) The district implements a comprehensive guidance and counseling program.

2. The board of education of MADISON ACADEMY authorizes and directs its secretary to file this resolution with the State Aid and School Finance Office of the Michigan Department of Education.

3. All resolutions and parts of resolutions insofar as they conflict with the provisions of this resolution are hereby rescinded.

Resolved this 26th day of May, 2015
Roll Call Vote: Passed 4 yes

Board of Representative Deborah Jones

Please email a copy of the signed resolution to John A. Hayner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.